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Project evaluation is the investigation of worth or merit of an object in a systematic way. This methodology gets applied in programs, project and policies. Considering the project level, evaluation involve processes such as discussion of a feasible evaluation plan with stakeholders, planning and designing the evaluation, collection, identification and analyzing of evidences and information, analyzing the information as well as distribution of the findings for describing and understanding the project and making decisions which are related to the project.
Project evaluation is an important aspect and is needed to assess the merit or worth of a given project and for the identification of areas of improvement. It helps in promoting appropriate decisions to be taken, which also includes changes to the objectives of the project and its methodology. It is the need of the hour to plan the evaluation carefully. There is no single suite of technologies or techniques that is fit and applicable for all types of projects. The approach of evaluation, its design and the methodologies must match with the specific project. The purpose and focus of the evaluation depends on stakeholders’ need which may include funding agencies, project developers, community, local government, students and teaching personnel. It is significant that stakeholders should be consulted for the selection of the most appropriate approach. Identifying the positive and negative points of a project, the evaluation generates conclusions which further affect the decision making. Conclusions of the evaluation reports, which are thoroughly analyzed prove to be a valuable input in the planning process. 


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Project evaluation is a deliberate and target appraisal of a continuous or finished task. The point is to decide the significance and level of accomplishment of venture goals, improvement adequacy, proficiency, effect and supportability. Task assessment is a precise and target appraisal of a continuous or finished undertaking.

The point is to decide the significance and level of accomplishment of undertaking targets, advancement viability, productivity, effect and supportability. Assessments additionally nourish lessons learned into the basic leadership procedure of the undertaking partners, including benefactors and national accomplices. Assessment is additionally an imperative piece of the ILO's responsibility to its contributors and to the Governing Body. Configuration, checking and assessment are all piece of results-based undertaking administration.

The key thought hidden task cycle administration, and particularly checking and assessment, is to help those in charge of dealing with the assets and exercises of along a conceivably connected chain of results: inputs create yields that induce results that add to affect. A venture to upgrade advancement comes about along a continuum, from here and now to long haul. Overseeing for affect implies controlling undertaking mediations towards practical, longer-term affect. Undertaking assessment is a focal component of hazard administration for data innovation and process update ventures.

These assessments are planned to recognize the fundamental dangers related with the venture so they might be kept away from or the effects relieved. Specifically, intermittent evaluations of the ECR undertaking ought to be completed to address the accompanying inquiries with respect to the task: Should the Department of Judicial Administration keep on carrying out the venture? Are changes required to guarantee the achievement of the venture?

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