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Protein Glycosylation Assignment help

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Protein Glycosylation

Glycosylation is the post- translational modifications of protiens.Half of the mammalian protiens are glycosyalted.It includes the various biological processes like transporting molecules, production of enzymes, acting as cell attachment-recognition sites, etc.O-Linked and N-linked are the two types of glycoproteins.

Variety of proteins are postranslationally modified with clustered sites of O-glycosylation.The immunoglobulin A (A1 isotype), mucins, and bacterial cell surface proteins are the examples of O-glycosylation.Abnormal glycosylation of serum immunoglobulins is exhibited by the Igan which is a autoimmune disorder.The proteins are isolated from a single single source produces a population of variably O-glycosylated isoforms.

N-Linked glycans are numerous glycoprotiens.It is covalently attached to the protein at asparagine (Asn).New protiens are translated and transported into the ER.All Asn are not accepted by N-glycan.Its main target is to describe the glycopeptide linkages that are found to date. They specify their presence on well-characterized glycoproteins.


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