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Psychology assignment help & Psychology Homework help.

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Psychology as a science describes the differences among the various opinions and values, facts, explanation that how the scientific method used to provide evidences for the facts Inspite of the differnces according to their interests,approches and the areas of study, they all have a common thing i.e. they all rely on the scientific approach to create a new knowledge in accordance with the behaviour pattern.

Psychology is the branch of science that deals with the study of human mind and behavior. According to the scientific method. It is the study of thought and explores human mental behavior. Types of Psychology are as follows:

  • Biological Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology

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Complex Topics covered by Psychology Experts :
  • Research Methods , Psychology of Death and Dying , Teamwork, Diversity, and Conflict resolution
  • Social Psychology:  Persuasion, Psychology of Gender, Cultural Psychology,  Child Development, Psychology of Aging, Adolescence,  Brain and Behaviour, Human Memory,  Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Social Cognition, Self, Psychometrics,Atypical Child Development, Atypical Adolescent Development,  Cognition, Development of Brain and Behaviour, Research Methods in Brain and Behaviour, Psychology of Abnormal Behaviour
  • Infancy and Childhood: Infant Cognition , Child Cognitive development Psychology Methods in Psychology, Psychological Experiments, Statistical Methods, Memory, Decision, Brain, Behaviour
  • Cognition, Language, Design of Psychological Experiments, Analysis of Psychological Experiments, Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology
  • Psychology, Differential Psychology, Hypnosis research , Cognitive Neuroscience, Consciousness, Cognitive Neuroscience, Research methods, Social Psychology, Meta theoretical issues in Psychology
  • Language and thinking, Psychology of memory , Developmental Psychology, Research Methods, Social Behavior, Attitudes, Foundations of Behavior, Foundations of Learning, Neuroscience Motivation
  • Emotions, Sensation Perception, Memory Intelligence, Thought Language, Personality Disorders, Psychological Disorders, Treatment of Psychological Disorders
  • Hierarchical models ,TBA ,Moderation with continuous variables ,Moderation with categorical variables ,Mediation and indirect effects

 Psychology Assignment help includes:

  • Structuralism,Functionalism, Psychoanalysis, Behaviourism, Humanism,Research methods in Psychology,Qualitative and quantitative methodology, Sampling techniques, Reflexivity,Counselling
  • Educational,Biological approach, nature of heredity,nervous system, Structure and functions of the brain,Behaviourist approach, Classical conditioning,Operant conditioning, Applications in learning
  • Social approach, Attachment and deprivation,Pro-social behaviour, Social influence ,Cognitive approach, Memory,Psychoanalytic approach, Humanism,Trait theory,Generalised Anxiety Disorder,Panic Disorder
  • Phobias,Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,Causes of stress,Stressful life events, Personality, Noise and Heat,Drug treatment, Social support, Stress inoculation training, Development of Aggression
  • Media influences, Social learning theory, Biological approach,Removing rewards, Eliminating coercive cycles , GENDER,Observed sex differences, Masculinity and femininity
  • Sleep ,Memory, Language and cognition, Health and stress, Psychological disorders

  • NeuroPsychologyMotivation and emotion, Intelligence and learning, Social Psychology,  Psychology of addiction, Risk-taking behaviour and gambling, Interpersonal relationships

  • physiological bases of behaviour,learning ,motivation,nature of personality and psychopathology
  • cross-cultural and Indigenous psychology, health psychology,social psychology
  • developmental psychology,organisational psychology,perception,cognition
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