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  • Methods for analyzing the response of vibrating systems with random inputs,Correlation and spectral methods for discrete and continuous vibrating structures. ,Analysis of non-linear systems using equivalent linearization
  • Gaussian closure and the Fokker-Plank equation. ,Applications include flow-induced vibrations,response of distributed systems to spatially random fields,reliability analysis and high-cycle fatigue life predictions., probability theory , random processes a,linear systems with single and multiple degrees of freedom,continuous structures,nonlinear structures

 Random Vibrations and Nonlinear Dynamics

  • Vibrations of continuous systems,Nonlinear vibration phenomena,perturbation expansions,methods of multiple time scales,slowly-varying amplitude,phase,Characteristics of random vibrations,random processes,probability distributions,spectral density,Gaussian random process,Transmission of random vibration,response of simple single,two-degree-of-freedom systems,Fatigue failure due to random excitation
  • Characterization of stochastic processes,Stochastic calculus,Deterministic dynamics,Bandwidth,PSD from data,CQC derivation


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