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Science is a process and a body of knowledge both . Science is also a process of discovery that allows us to link the isolated facts into comprehensive and coherent understandings of the natural world.
Science is exciting,useful as the fact generated by it are reliable and powerful,it is ongoing as it is continuously refinning. Science is also a global human endeavor.

Science is that which focuses on the natural world and aims to explain it, science uses testable ideas,it relies on the evidences.
Science is powerful. It has generated the knowledge that allows us to call a friend halfway around the world with a cell phone, build a skyscraper, and drive a car. And science also helps us in answering someof the important questions like which areas might be hit by a tsunami after an earthquake, who were our evolutionary ancestors? By this we think that the science has reached endless, but it is not true, science has limits.A few things that science can not do are :-
>>Science doesn’t make moral judgments,
>>Science doesn’t make aesthetic judgments,
>>Science doesn’t tell you how to use scientific knowledge,etc.

Science includes these following topics:-
*Natural science which includes astrology,biology, physics, chemistry,etc.
*Social sciences includes anthropology, sociology,economics,etc.
*Behavioural sciences includes ethology , psychology ,etc.
*Applied science
*Health science

Science is the branch of knowledge that helps us to understand natural world by experiment, observation and study. It deals with the facts of body and the operations of law. With science, invention is used to improve the quality of our lives. This improvement is known as technology. Science is a well organized approach to learning new things. Scientific methods are used to refine the human knowledge. There are various branches of science which are given below:

  • Physical science – It deals with the study of inanimate natural objects which includes astronomy, physics and chemistry.
  • Life science – Life science deals with the study of living organisms. Life science includes the study of botany, zoology, genetics, medicine.
  • Earth science – It is the branch of science that deals with the structure of earth and earth’s atmosphere. Branches of Earth science are oceanography, meteorology, paleontology and geology.

Now a days, science is an important part of our life. It increases our level of comforts. In today’s life, we use science in almost every field like in hospitals, travelling, and many more. Computer and television are also the best examples of science progress. But with its advantages , it comes with some drawbacks also. Science has invented many weapons which can destroy anything in seconds such as laser bombs, nuclear bomb.

Science is a branch of knowledge that concerned with the general truth and the operations of laws which are being tested by the scientific method. Science is a way of knowing about universe, it also discovers the knowledge about universe’ past, present and future. Science uses experiment and observation to explain natural phenomena. It mainly refers to a system of acquiring knowledge. Main purpose of science is to produce useful models of reality. Everything around as, are the example of science such as radio, telephone, calculator, etc. Science is cordially related with the mathematics. A person who works in and has knowledge about science is known as scientists. A scientist is one who uses the scientific methods which describe the events of nature in a reproducible way. Main fields of science are as follows:

  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth science

Applied science is the main concept that also included in the science. Towards the practical utility, when science is done with a goal is termed as applied science. It is done by with the aim of developing new technologies and practical methods.

Help for complex topics like:

  • models of scientific processes,climate change,population dynamics,pharmacokinetics,computer programming, fundamental philosophical issues in science
  • Advanced Theory and Practice in Science-conceptual and computational tools ,climate,population dynamics, pharmacokinetics, epidemics, energy,kinematics and life
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