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Signal Processing And Communications Assignment help

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Signal processing

Generally a signal is a formal description of an occurrence developing over time by signal processing we indicate any mechanical or manual operation which analyzes, modifies or influence the information contained in a signal.Signal Processing is the science and art of modifying acquired time-series data for the purposes of analysis. Signal processing is the part of electrical engineering, system engineering and applied mathematics that deals with operations of digitized signals and analog signals to represent time series data. The signal may be of sound, images electromagnetic radiation and sensor readings.

Signal processing in telecommunication isstructured to meet the needs of a professional audience in industry. It is a rapid propagation of knowledge and experience to engineers and scientists in practical application or development of signal processing. There are certain applications of signal processing techniques. Applications to measurement technology and automatic control are of great interest in telecommunication applications. Signal processing problems can be successfully solved if the user has knowledge in other disciplines like system theory, communication theory mathematical statistics and information theory is required. Signal processing in telecommunication is used to detect the frequency or radio waves for time series data for analysis purpose. Humans are the most advanced speech and pattern recognition.

Signal processing includes:

  • sampling
  • aliasing
  • time domain
  • frequency domain transforms
  • convolution and correlation of sequences
  • window and filter specification
  • IIR and FIR filter
  • Analogue to digital
  • digital to analogue converters
  • direct digital synthesis
  • Digital down conversion
  • decimation and interpolation

Few Topics are:

  • digital signal processing algorithms
  • multimedia telecommunications
  • speech and image processing
  • discrete-time signals and systems, discrete-time Fourier transforms and Z-transforms
  • discrete Fourier transforms and fast Fourier transforms
  • digital filter design and implementation, multi-rate signal processing
  • 2-dimensional signal processing, linear prediction, adaptive filtering


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