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Topics for Social psychology Assignment help:

Social Psychology and The Self
  • Define social psychology
  • Explain the role of research in social psychology
  • Define the concept of the self in the social world
  • Apply socialization concepts to personal development
Social Beliefs, Judgments, and Attitudes
  • Discuss how behavior can be explained using attribution theory
  • Describe the reciprocal relationship between behavior and attitudes
  • Explain how individuals rationalize their behavior, using cognitive dissonance theory
Group Influence
  • Define social influence
  • Analyze the effect of group influence on the self
  • Describe the related processes of norm formation and conformity
  • Examine the concept of groupthink
Persuasion and Conflict
  • Examine the elements of persuasion
  • Assess the effects of persuasion on the individual
  • Describe the elements of conflict resolution and peacemaking
  • Examine the various motivations to engage in altruistic behavior
  • Examine the concepts of philanthropy, social activism, and volunteerism in terms of the social exchange theory and pro-social behavior

Social psychology includes :

  • applications of attribution theory,relationship to behaviour,approaches in social psychology




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