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Solid Mechanics

Solid mechanics refers to the study under the force actions of the deformation and motion of solid materials. Solid mechanics is fundamental applied engineering sciences, which is used to describe, explain and predict many of the physical phenomena around us.

Solid mechanics has a very wide range of materials which falls under its ambit like steel, wood, foam, plastic, foodstuffs, textiles, concrete, biological materials, and so on. And also it has a wide range of material occurrence applications. Solid Mechanics starts with the static body. Static body mechanics is basically divided into two categories i.e. statics, and dynamics. Statics is the mechanics of materials and structures at rest whereas dynamics refers to the study of bodies which are not rigid they are changing speed.

These are some topics covered in Solid Mechanics that are as follows:-

  • Rods, beams, shells and membranes
  • Vibrations of solids and structures
  • Composite materials Geomechanics
  • Contact mechanics
  • Large deformation mechanics
  • Variational formulations and computational mechanics
  • Dynamical systems and chaos

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Some of the homework help topics include :

  • Solid mechanics properties,Durability, Inter facial properties of material it maintain the total capacity of material ,Hardness of materials, Contentiousness materials and rocks,Evaluation of material capacity during processing,Elasticity, Advanced analytic property in solid materials,Analysis, Evaluate, Characterization and processing of advanced solid materials,Compaction of solid materials,Residual stress in materials,Biological materials
  • Geo mechanics,Manufacturing engineering,Bio mechanics,Materials science,Microelectronics,Nanotechnology,Solid materials behavior,Isotropic linear elasticity  - good for poly crystalline composite and polymers materials,Anti isotropic linear elasticity - good for reinforced composites, Wood, Single crystals of metals and ceramics,Hyper elasticity - good for rubber and foams,Visco elasticity - good for polymer material composites
  • Rate independent metal plasticity,Visco plasticity,Crystal plasticity,Pressure dependent visco plasticity - good for granular materials, Polymers and composite materials, Vectors, Matrices and tensors, Geometry of deformation, Elastic constitutive theory, Boundary value problems in elasticity, Ritz methods, Linear beams and plates, Energy principles, Stability, Planar buckling of beams,Nonlinear solid mechanics, Concepts of stress and strain
  • Hooke’s law, Stress transformation, Axial loading of bars, Torsion of circular shafts, Torsion of thin-walled members, Pure bending of beams, Unsymmetric bending of beams,Shear stresses in beams, Shear stresses in thin-walled beams, Shear center, Differential equation of the deflection curve, Deflections and slopes of beams from integration methods, Statically determinate and indeterminate problems,Basic principles of mechanics, Behavior of materials
  • Structures, Fluids, Dimensional analysis, Conservation of momentum, Static equilibrium, Stress and stress states, Hydrostatics, Moments , Forces, Material strength criteria,Structural strength criteria, Deformation, Strain, Conservation of energy in solid mechanics, Elasticity , Elasticity bounds, Energy dissipation, Plasticity , Open ended geotechnical engineering, Structural engineering,Fundamentals of finite deformation analysis, Tensor analysis
  • Vector algebra,Force resultants and moments,Equilibrium of rigid bodies,free body diagrams,Trusses, frames & machines ,Center of gravity,Centroids and moments of inertia,Transverse shear,Combined loading ,Stress transformation ,Elastic deflection of beams ,Column buckling

Complex topics covered include :

  • Tensor as a linear transformation, Tensor algebra, Transformation of tensor components , Eigenvalues of symmetric tensors, Spectral decomposition, Integral theorem, Kinematics, Reference and current configurations, Deformation gradient, Cauchy-green deformation tensors, Polar decomposition, Strain tensors, Material time derivative, Deformation-rate tensor , Spin tensor, Conservation laws,Conservation of mass, Laws of motion by euler and cauchy
  • Cauchy stress tensor, Equation of motion, Conservation of energy, Various definitions of stress, First and second piola-kirchhoff stresses, Alternative expression of equation of motion, Principle of virtual power, Objectivity of vectors and tensors, Stress-rate, Basis of inelastic analyses, Constitutive equations of elastoplastic body, Models of plasticity for uniaxial tension, Yield functions for isotropic materials, Work hardening, J2 flow theory,Elastoplastic constitutive equations
  • Numerical methods for elastoplastic body, Incremental virtual work principle, Basis for incremental finite element analyses, Constitutive equations of elastic-viscoplastic body, Models of rate-dependent plasticity, Elastic-viscoplastic constitutive equations based on tangent modulus method, Statistic, Equilibrium of force system, Coordinates systems , Transform of coordinates, Matric representation, Force action, Composition and decomposition of forces
  • Resultant force,Resultant moment of forces, Rolling friction, Drag forces in air and liquids, Matlab solution of selected problems, Catenary, Kinematics of a particle, Velocity and acceleration, Rectilinear motion, Curvilinear motion, Rectilinear motion, Circular motion, Vector representation, Curvilinear motion, Composed motion, Rigid body plane motion, Basic decomposition, Corrioliss acceleration, Analytical description of the plane motion
  • Vector equations of plane motion, Plane curves , Curvature of plane curves, Center of curvature, Sperical motion, Screw motion, General motion of rigid body, Euler`s angles, System of particles 1st and 2nd law of impulse,Collision of bodies, The center of mass, Conservation of momentum, Rigid body, The center of gravity, Mass moments of inertia , Stability of bodies, Evaluation of the mass moments of inertia, Transform of momentum of mass inertia

Solid Mechanics Assignment help include:

  • Parallel axis theorem, Centroidal mass moments of inertia, Equation of motion of rigid body , Plane motion, Spatial motion,Mechanical vibrations, Simple harmonic motion, Examples of harmonic motion, Mechanical vibration with damping , Main damping mechanisms, Nonlinear vibration, Anharmonic motion, Forced mechanical vibrations, Resonance, Kinematical excitation, Fourier`s representation of disturbing function, Resonance , Damage of human organism as a consequence of cars vibration
  • vector operations,Friction & couples,Distributed forces,Normal and shear forces ,moment diagrams,Mechanics of deformable bodies,Hooke’s law,axial loads,torsion of circular rods,bending and shear stresses in beams,deflection of beams,combined stresses,static equilibrium,Determinate planar structures ,stresses and strains in structural elements,states of stress,displacements and deformations
  • Principles of solid mechanics , Elastic and inelastic stresses,Deflections in simple and compound beams, Pressure vessels and Flat plates, Concept of loads and load paths, Calculate shear stresses, Finite element analysis
  • Stress and deformation resulting from axial, Shear and moment diagrams, Mohr's circle for stress and strain and buckling of columns.deformable solids
  • tensors,mathematical description of deformations ,internal forces in solids,equations of equilibrium,principle of virtual work,linear elastic material behavior,solution for linear elastic problems ,axially and spherically symmetric solutions,stress function solutions to plane stress , strain problems,solutions to 3-D problems,energy methods
  • Forces and equilibrium,Stress and Strain, Axial Loading, Torsion and Bending,Analysis and design of beams for bending,Principal stressed under a given loading,Deflection of beams,Finite Element Method

Few Topics are:

  • deformable bodies Analysis
  • stress
  • strain
  • mechanical properties of materials
  • geometric compatibility.
  • axial loads
  • torsion
  • bending
  • transverse shear
  • combined loadings
  • Stress and strain transformations
  • Mohr's circles
  • deflections of beams
  • shafts, buckling of columns
  • non-linear mechanics
  • structural analysis
  • machine design
  • material processing
  • behaviour of structures


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