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Spring Framework Assignment help : 


Spring Framework is a well known open source framework based on java platform for developing J2EE applications.Spring has several modules like Core, Web , Web MVC,AOP etc to develop various applications required at enterprise level.

It is used to support java based applications. It is an open source programming language. Spring framework uses object relational model framework, java development kit and logging framework. A web MVC framework is spring framework. It is a transaction management interface. Aspect oriented programming language is spring framework. The spring framework container contains core module, bean module, context module and Spel module. Core module includes the basic parts of the framework. Bean module provides factory pattern implementation. Spel module provides object manipulation and querying.

The database connection is performed by using Java database connectivity, object relational model, OXM module, Java messaging service module and transaction module. Spring framework supports single tier architecture and middle tier architecture. Spring framework is a lightweight container.

Architecture of spring framework contains different module. They are spring AOP model, spring ORM model, spring web model, spring DAO model, spring context model, spring web MVC model and spring core model. Spring ORM model performs database operations. Spring AOP model performs object oriented operations. Spring web is used for web development applications. Database connectivity operations are performed by using spring DAO model.

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Spring Core ,Inversion Of Control ,Dependency Injection ,Aspect-Oriented Programming , Spring web MVC ,DAO
  • Spring Web ,Model View Controller Architecture ,JTA ,AOP Framework ,POJO-Based Programming Model ,Bean Factory
  • Web MVC Framework ,Web Services ,XML ,Struts 2.0 ,Wiring beans ,Minimizing XML configuration in Spring

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Spring Framework: 
  • Introduction to Spring, XML configuration and the Spring application context, constructor versus setter injection, Bean scope and factory beans, Advanced XML Dependency Injection, 
  • Annotation-Based Dependency Injection, Autowiring and component scanning. XML versus annotations: when to use what, Life cycle annotations: postconstruct and predestroy.
  • Java-Based Dependency Injection, Bean Life Cycle:, Init phase: available interceptors. 
  • Use and destruction phases, Testing a Spring-Based Application, Spring and test-driven development
  • Data Access and JDBC with Spring Spring integrates with existing data access technologies, Transactions configuration
  • Isolation levels, transaction propagation, and rollback rules. Transactions and integration testing, Integrating Spring with JPA and Hibernate, Quick introduction to ORM with JPA, Benefits of using Spring with JPA, JPA configuration in Spring, Persistence Exception versus the Spring dataaccessexception, Spring in a Web Application.
  • Configuring Spring in a Web application, Namespace, Introduction to Spring MVC, Using Controller and Request Mapping annotations, Spring Security, Configuring authentication and intercepting urls, Spring Security tag library for jsps, Security at the method level, Customizing the Spring Security filter chain.
  • Remoting: Using Spring remoting and the Spring Http Invoker for remote access. JMS: Sending and receiving messages using the jmstemplate, JMX: Configuring Spring to export automatically mbeans, Exporting a Spring bean as an mbean, Spring Architecture.

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Spring MVC
Spring Boot
Spring Bean
Aspect oriented programming (AOP)
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