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SPSS Assignment help tutors help with topics like SPSS GUI ,descriptive analyses with SPSS ,parametric and non-parametric tests ,simple regressions and multivariate analyses ,mini lab project ,research and evaluation methodology ,quantitative methods, behavioral surveys and biometrics,intervention programs, data collection and analysis techniques ,interpretation of alternative ,hypotheses and threats to internal and external validity ,types of evaluation (e.g., formative, outcome, and process) , statistical assumptions ,statistical methods ,SPSS statistical analyses. 


SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) refers to a versatile and responsive program that is designed to undertake a range of statistical procedures. There are various ways to produce SPSS in a descriptive form i.e. Descriptives, Frequency table, Cross table, Bar chart, Pie chart, Histogram, Scatterplot, Edit graphs,etc.

There are many reasons to use SPSS syntax as it is ideal project documentation, can be corrected and recycled. The syntax gets the things done faster, and typing the syntax saves time and it has more options.

The data analysis provides us the information about the effects of different size and the direction of the relationship.

SPSS is a statistical software to manage data, select and perform analysis, share results and also provides ad-hoc analysis, hypothesis testing and report making.

It includes data collection tools for analyzing data , make predictions and analytic catalyst for spot pattern in data without identifying the goal ,Regression Techniques & Prediction Techniques.

Some of the homework help topics include :

  • SPSS windows, menus,and dialogue boxes ,data entry codebook , Enter data into an SPSS data file ,Check a data file for errors
    Correct errors in the data file , Obtain descriptive statistics ,Creation of graphs like histograms, bar graphs.
    Manipulating the data to form new variables (computing totals,collapsing categories) , Sorting the data file ,statistical techniques to address specific ,research questions ,
  • Perform statistical procedures and interpret the output ,chisquare, correlation, paired sample ,t-test, independent groups t-test, Mann Whitney U test, one-way ,ANOVA, binary logistic regression,binary linear regression.
  • Elements of Research Design, Hypotheses and Theories, Independent, Intervening & Dependent Variables, Data, Variables, Values, Qualitative Research, Qualitative versus Quantitative Analysis, The Comparative Method, Congruence Procedures, Process-tracing.
  • Crucial Cases, Descriptive v. Inferential Data Analysis, Measuring Variables (validity, reliability, replicability), Types of Variables (nominal, ordinal, interval).
  • ¾ Means, medians, modes, ¾ Variance, standard deviation, SPSS Session,  Manipulating and Merging Datasets, Importing and Exporting Data , Printing Datasets , Descriptive Statistics in SPSS (mean, standard deviation, variance, range, frequencies).
  • Manipulating Data in SPSS , Recoding and Transforming Variables, Graphs and Charts, Scatterplots, Histograms, Box Plots, Cross-tabulations, Printing and Saving Output, Probabilities and Sampling, Binomial and Normal Random Variables, Z-scores,  Normal Table, Other distributions, Methods of Sampling.
  • ¾ Systematic Sampling, ¾ Random Sampling, Sampling Error, Confidence Intervals, Estimation Procedures, Null and Alternative Hypotheses, One and Two-Tailed Tests, Bivariate Correlation and Regression, Bivariate Analysis
  • Covariance and the Correlation Coefficient, Graphing the Function, Regression and the Method of Ordinary Least Squares (OLS), Interpreting Regression Statistics (Beta Coefficient and R-Squared), Bivariate Regression Analysis ,
  • Control Variables, Goodness of Fit (R-squared statistic) nvivo, nudist, and atlas , lisrel, amos, and eqs, structural equation modeling (sem) ,sas, stata, r, mplus, splus,Sample Size (N), Range, Frequency Distributions.
  • Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion.
  • Common parametric and non-parametric tests ,simple regressions and multivariate analyses (factor and cluster)
  • Multivariate analysis :Factor analysis , Cluster analysis.
  • Group means ,Regression (Linear & Multiple) ,Logistic regression ,Factor Analysis ,Lab Work & Project 

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Topics like Data analysis with SPSS: workflow, critical issues , functions, menus, commands , file management , Input and data cleaning ,Data manipulation , Data Transformation , Syntax files and scripts , Output management , Frequencies , Descriptives , Crosstabs ,Statistical tests ,Means , T-test ,One-way ANOVA ,Non parametric tests ,Normality tests , Multiple regression (linear),Graphical displays are really complex & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex problems including Parametric significance tests , Nonparametric significance tests ,Data preparation , simple & Bivariate linear regression ,Multiple linear regression.

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.We work on Technical reports on SPSS ,case studies ,thesis & Dissertation in SPSS 

  • Power analysis , Chi-squared test of independence ,Quantitative methods , Non parametric testing  , Spss advanced quantitative methods ,Spss multilevel longitudinal modelling ,
  • Data management and analysis , Treeplan , Decision tree ,Sensitivity analysis ,mean and median, One-sample binomial test, One-sample Chi-square.
  • Managing and analyzing data, superior functional capability of spss for collecting and analyzing data , quantitative and qualitative variable formats, data entry, data importing and exporting features, output and graphing functions, and common statistical procedures ( chi-square, t-test) annotate and manipulate output including tables and figures.

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