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Topics For Struts

  • Jakarta Struts Project, MVC and Struts, Review Filters, Servlets, JSP and Web Applications, Struts Architecture, Struts Components, FilterDispatcher, Interceptors, Actions, First Struts Application, Struts 2.0 components
  • Configuring web.xml, Configuring structs.xml, package, results, exceptions actions,Action implementation, basic view components, Validation and Interceptors, XWork validation framework, Implementing validation
  • Type conversion, Interceptor role, interceptors, Custom Tags, Struts Tags, Generic Tags, UI Tags, Themes and Templates, Tag Reference, Ajax Tags, ValueStack technology, OGNL for type conversion,Locales
  • Formatting Messages, Resource Bundles, Internationalization, Tags, I18n Interceptor, Create the Application, Actions, Searching, Prepopulating Forms, Validating forms, Showing and Editing Error Massages
  • Handling Exceptions, Add/Edit/Delete Listing, Action Chaining, Dependency Injection, Testing, Annotations,Performance Tuning, Plugins, Migration of Struts 1.x applications to Struts 2.x, templates, Using put and insert
  • Advanced tile features, Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages , Servlets Basic, JSP Basics, Tag Extensions Introduction, Struts, Motivations, The MVC and Service-to-Worker Design Patterns, Framework , Controller components
  • Struts ActionServlet, The RequestProcessor, Working with Actions, Mapping Requests, Managing Errors and Exception handling, Plugin classes, Model components, JavaBeans Overview, HTML Forms and ActionForms
  • View components, Forms Validation, i18N, Tiles, Expression Language, EL , Attribute values,Template text and Implicit objects, General Syntax, Expression Language operators, Expression Language API., JSTL, JSTL introduction and goals, Expression language , JSTL actions, General purpose actions, Conditional actions, Iterator action


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