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Our Surveying Assignment help tutors help with topics like  area of land parcels with linear, circular or irregular boundary segments; Interpret contour maps; acquire data from a map needed for the site selection , Development and design of various civil engineering projects , Design land subdivisions , Surveying Engineering ,Types of land surveys ,Measurements and Errors .

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Elementary Surveying Assignment help, modern surveying instruments, collect field notes ,errors in surveying measurements .
  • Geomatics Assignment help , magnitude and apply procedures for balancing the measurements.
  • Angles, Bearings, Azimuths ,Traversing , Computations and Adjustment of Measurements.

Global Navigation Satellite Systems: Static and Kinematic Surveys , Area Calculations: Closed polygons, Irregular boundaries, Circular boundaries ,Partitioning of parcels .

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Help for complex topics like:

  • leveling circuits , correct elevations of intermediate points.
  • Units; Significant Figures; Types of Errors; Precision and Accuracy; Error Propagation ,Distance Measurements: Taping; Electronic Distance Measurement 
  • Leveling; Differential Leveling; Trigonometric Leveling; Adjustments ,GPS for Land Surveyors ,Geomatics and GIS

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course of a traverse, bearings and azimuths of the sides , adjusted coordinates of the stations;

  • Surveying Calculations, Geospatial Science & Technology, Land Surveying Applications, Geodetic Surveying and Mapping, Surveying-Legal Principles, surveying profession , historical impact, basic surveying terminology, surveying equipment and measurements.
  • steps in performing a survey, calculate survey error and adjustment, Math terms & definitions associated with measuring horizontal & vertical angles, Equipment & methods used in measuring angles, Match terms & definitions associated with Theodolite & Automatic Leveling instruments, construction layout & surveying, Compute basic COGO coordinates as used in construction layout.
  • Theodolite & Automatic Leveling instruments in the field, notes & sketches, Math Essentials, Instruments Field Lab, Traverse Computation, Traverse Computation Field Lab, Coordinate Geometry, Leveling Field Lab, Leveling & Ch. , Field Techniques Field Lab, Horizontal Curves
  • Pacing, Leveling,Topo Surveying,engineering surveying,Civil engineering infrastructure acquisition phases; ,Branches of surveying; ,Basic principles of surveying,Methods used in surveying and instrumentation; ,Coordinate systems; ,Errors in surveying;,Terrestrial surveying,Horizontal surveying methods and instrumentation ,Levelling methods and instrumentation ,And 3d/4d surveying methods and instrumentation, basic elements of design and setting out
  • Area and volume determination for civil engineering earthworks,,Areas enclosed by straight lines,,Areas enclosed by irregular lines,,And volumes from cross-section areas,,Contours and spot heights; ,Introduction to setting out techniques and instrumentation,
  • field course,Objectives,Logistics; ,Safety ,Environmental and legal issues; ,High level review of the surveying process for road construction, ,Including recce,,Planning,Control ,Detail mapping, ,Map/plan compilation,Environmental appraisal, ,Alignment design, ,Sectioning, ,Earthworks and setting out,Pctical sessions,Acquisition of the skills for surveying,Set-up and operation of basic surveying instruments,Tutorial sessions,3d control computation methods
  • setting out for construction,deformation monitoring of a local dam,water quality in the lake,measure discharge in a local river,standard stream gauging techniques,Global Navigation Satellite Systems


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