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System integration is a technique that concerned with the joining of different subsystems into a large system. It is the process of linking different computing systems functionally. It defines the connection and interface between devices. System integration technologies provide a platform for devices to be used in the network environments. Various methods that involved in the system integration are as follows:

  • Star integration – it is also known as spaghetti integration in which each system is interconnected with the multiple subsystems, so representation of these interconnected systems look like a star. As more connections are made, in the end, it looks like spaghetti.
  • Horizontal integration – it is also known as Enterprise Service Bus which involves the creation of unique subsystem. It also ensure that there is only one interface between the subsystems and can replaced it without affecting the others.
  • Vertical integration - In this integration, systems are integrated functionally by creating silos of functional entities. This integration performed quickly and also involves the necessary vendors.
    Common data format – It is an integration method that helps the system to avoid having the adapter convert to and from every application format.

Integration contains taking delivery of the proposed system elements which consist of the system of the interest. The main aim of the system integration is to ensure that the individual elements of the system behave properly as a whole. Besides it, it also satisfy the design properties or characteristics of the system. System integration is related to the development items and it is a part of the realization effort. There are different types of technologies used in the system integration. These technologies are-

  • Global Integration: - It is also known as big-bang integration.  In this all the elements are grouped in one step. This technique of integration is simple and does not require simulation.
  • Incremental Integration: - It requires simulation for those elements which are not present. Besides it, it also requires many test cases and configuration of the test case.
  • Functional Chain Integration: - This type of integration is time saving because of the parallel integration of subsets.
  • Top down Integration: It implements the element and reuse the possible sets of the test data. In this multiple caps or stubs needs to be created because it is difficult to describe the test cases of the lowest level elements.

Criterion Driven Integration.

Software Abstractions And Systems Integration :

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