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US Accounting

US accounting refer to the accounting rules in united state and presented by the financial statements of the entities include non-profit organzation, trade companies and so on. It covers the entire accounting industries quite only the US. Different accounting standard included as- Revenue recognition, Outstanding share measurement, Non- profit financial report, credit losses,accural based accounting and hedge accounting. Some of the objectives of Us accounting are its Cogent decision Potential investers Economic resources Long-term decisions Business performance Maintaining records.

 Accounting Entity, Going Concern, Monetary Unit Principal, Time-Period Principal are some of the assumptions of US accounting.  Financial reporting in united accounting are Report of independent auditors Report of financial statemets Report of management Selected query data Management discussion and analysis. Objectivity Materiality Consistency Conversion Cost are the different types constraints included in the US accounting. The financial literature classified the accounting into two categories, i.e., Financial Accounting and Management Accounting.

Some of the important topics related to US Accounting are as follows:-

  • Accounting Standards
  • Assets
  • Auditing
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Billing
  • Bond Essentials
  • Bookkeeping
  • Project Management
  • Public Company
  • Purchasing
  • Quality
  • Receivables
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Risk Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Systems
  • Taxation

A set of items that posses common characteristic is termed as accounts. Asset , Liability , Income , Expense and Equity are the types of accounts. Business uses list of accounts ,is considered as chart of accounts.

  • Asset : Current and non – current are the two characterization of assets.
  • Liabilities : It has the information like amount , date to be paid etc.
  • Equity : Difference between assets value and liabilities cost is termed as Equity. It is also known as net worth.
  • Income and Expense : Equity account is divided into two accounts , Income and Expense which offers simple accounting system.

When traction is done by single account then it is termed as single Entry accounting whereas When traction is done by two accounts then it is termed as double Entry accounting. At the time of cash received or paid out , transactions are recorded. This is also considered as account valuation .
Account valuation is of three types :Income Accounts , Expense Accounts and Liability Accounts

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Some of the homework help topics include :

  • Fundamentals of management accounting, Fundamentals of financial accounting, Fundamentals of business mathematics, Fundamentals of business economics, Fundamentals of ethics, Corporate governance and business law
  • Strategic Case Study, Strategic Management, Risk Management, Financial Strategy, Management Accounting, Management Case Study, Project and Relationship Management, Advanced Management Accounting, Advanced Financial Reporting
  • Management Accounting, Operational Case, Organisational Management, Management Accounting, Financial Reporting and Taxation,Correction of errors ,Principles of Accounting

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  • The nature & purpose of accounting,The principles of double entry,The ledger ,An elementary knowlegde of the following accounting concepts ,Preparation of the final acccounts ,The cash book and the petty cash book books of original entry ,Accruals and repayments ,Depreciation
  • Bad debts and provisions for doubtful debts,Drawings,Sole trader’s business,Control accounts for debtors and creditors,Partnerships ,Incomplete records ,Departmental accounts ,Manufacturing account,Non-profit making organisations limited liability companies ,Accounting ratios
  • Managerial Accounting ,Financial Accounting,Cost Accounting,Tax Planning and Administration,Auditing,Financial Statements,Analysis & Reporting Incentives,Accounting for Mergers,Acquisitions,Complex Financial Structures,Taxes and Business Strategy
  • Presentation of financial statements,Balance sheet,Statement of shareholder equity,Comprehensive income,Income statement,Statement of cash flows,Notes to financial statements,Revenue recognition,Consolidation,Sources and recording of data ,Verification of accounting records,Accounting procedures,Preparation of financial statements,Double entry system of book-keeping,Business documents,Books of prime (original) entry,Ledger,Trial balance,Correction of errors
  • Bank reconciliation Control accounts,Capital and revenue expenditure and receipts,Accounting for depreciation,Disposal of non-current assets,Other payables,Other receivables,Bad debts,Provision for doubtful debts,Valuation of inventory,Income statements,Statements of financial position,Sole traders,Partnerships,Limited liability companies,Manufacturing accounts,Incomplete records,Interpretation of accounting ratios,Inter-firm comparison,Limitations of accounting statements,Accounting principles,Accounting policies
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