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U.S. Tax Policy Description: federal tax system, describes the biggest problems with the current system, and analyzes the most important reform proposals. The aim of the course is to give students a comprehensive view of how the federal government raises revenue and to provide students with substantive knowledge regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the proposals that are likely to dominate debate regarding the tax system in the next decade. 

Some of the US Taxation homework help topics include:

The personal income tax and payroll taxes The lion’s share of federal revenue comes from the personal income tax and payroll taxes. We will overview both systems and discuss both average and marginal tax rates across income groups, noting the important difference between these two concepts. We will discuss the progressivity of the current system and the concept of vertical equity. e will introduce the concept of the elasticity of taxable income as the key metric for measuring the distortion of the tax system.

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Tax Policy: Federal Taxation acquaints the student with the social and economic policy implications of the Tax Code. Additionally, federal taxation explores the question of what constitutes a good tax.
  • Taxes and Decision Making: Federal Taxation illustrates the role of taxes in financial decision making and how taxes motivates people and institutions to engage in certain transactions.
  • Tax Planning: Federal Taxation develops certain income tax planning principles to maximize an entity or individual’s net present value cash flow resulting from a transaction.
  • Tax Law and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles: Federal Taxation will compare and contrast the accounting objectives in the Tax Code with generally accepted accounting principles
  • (GAAP) in financial reporting.

Some of the Assignment help topics include :

  • Review financial transactions to determine tax impact. prepare tax provisions to determine the tax treatment of financial transactions.
    analyze tax proposals to assess their impact on economic and social goals.
  • Prepare corporate tax provisions incorporating tax law provisions as well as prepare individual tax returns.
  • Prepare written analysis of tax situations and issues
  • Research in IRS Publications resolution of specific tax issues.
    Analyze case studies to identify tax issues.
  • Financial Models: Prepare tax provisions utilizing Excel spreadsheet templates
  • Analyze case studies and answer discussion questions on tax practices.


Our tutors help with topics like :

  • Corporate Income Taxation :Revenue Code taxes corporations,tax aspects of a corporation's life-cycle,including a corporation's organization,financing,capital structure,distributions,redemptions,ultimate liquidation
  • Ethics in Business:Emarkets and regulation,moral responsibility of senior managers,corporate strategy and stockholder relations,the environment,product safety,employee rights,corporate culture and group think,racial and sexual discrimination,affirmative action,the responsibilities of American companies abroad,leveraged buyouts
  •  Federal Income Taxation:impact of taxation, federal tax law,the concept of income realization and recognition,timing of income recognition,timing and possibility of income tax deductions,tax accounting methods, reporting periods
  • Law & Legal Reasoning,law of corporations,Partnership Taxation,partnership formation and liquidation,,special allocations,basis adjustments for operating items,deductions, losses, and credits to partners
  • Regulation of Tax Practice- Tax Practice and Procedures, tax principles,tax research sources,administrative and statutory procedures and limitations,including court appeals,taxpayer and practitioner penalties and responsibilities,professional ethics for the tax practitioner

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Topics like Revenue from environmental taxes : how to tax externalities, with attention to the importance of revenue recycling, and the revenue impact of current cap-and-trade proposals in Congress.“A Proposal for a U.S. Carbon Tax Swap” Brookings & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex problems. 

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