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Water & Waste Water Engineering Assignment Help

Get custom writing services for Water and Waste Water Engineering Assignment help & Water and Waste Water Engineering Homework help. Our Water and Waste Water Engineering Online tutors are available for instant help for Water and Waste Water Engineering assignments & problems.

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Our Water and Waste Water Engineering Assignment help tutors help with Reaction Kinetics and Reactor Models, BOD & COD , homework problems. 

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • water quality , water treatment, wastewater treatment, water-quality control strategies ,Water-borne and water-related disease.
  • Global public health concerns - epidemiology and engineering; health and environmental implications of micro-pollutants and potentially toxic compounds.
  • Basic kinetics and reactor types ,Hydraulic characteristics and engineering applications of batch, plug flow, and mixed systems ,Basic process and reaction kinetics.Wastewater ,Collection systems and stormwater management ,
  • Cartage and vacuum, conventional and small-bore sewerage ,Decentralised treatment ,Pit latrines, septic tank, small-scale oxidation plants ,Low-intensity and alternative systems
  • Waste stabilisation ponds, constructed wetlands, aerated lagoons oxidation ditches ,Advanced biological oxidation ,Enhanced mass transfer (pure oxygen, deep shaft).
  • Biomass retention (fluidised and expanded bed, membrane bio-reactor, submerged aerated filters).
    Nutrient removal and tertiary treatment ,Physico-chemical, biological including anammox.
  • Anaerobic wastewater treatment limitations and applications, types of process, Advanced integrated systems ,Trade effluent ,Strategies for control including mass balance, fixed and flexible standards; on site treatment in relation to potentially toxic elements.
  • Water ,Surface water collection and storage reservoirs ,Distribution systems ,Demand, design and construction, leakage losses ,Water conservation, recovery and reuse.

Waste Water Engineering questions help services by live experts:

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Filtration,Basics of Gas Transfer and Sorption,Gas Stripping,Safety & Equipment ID,pH,Conductivity
  • Balance,Std. Solutions,Alkalinity,Hardness,Chlorides,Spectrophotometers, Solids,Turbidity,Sulfates
  • Jar Test,Water Softening,Nitrogen,Dissolved Oxygen , Reaction Kinetics, and Mechanisms
  • Mass Balance,Reactor and Flow Models,Non-ideal Flow Model,Combination of Reactors,Mass Transfer Processes
  • Advection and Diffusion,Heterogeneous System,Rate Limiting Step,Substrate Removal,Close System (Lake) Model
  • River Model,Water Quality,Mixing and Flow Model,Flocculation,Settling,Sedimentation/Floatation ,Stoichiometry, 

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Water and Wastewater Engineering Assignment help
  • Flow regimes, Water use trends and projections ,Water constituents and quality standards, Water treatment operations, Coagulation and flocculation, Disinfection, Wastewater microbiology
  • Wastewater generation characteristics, Wastewater treatment operations, Biological treatment, Activated sludge systems, Alternate systems, water resources and sources of water
  • Water quality standards, Basic water treatment:, Raw water characteristics and quality criteria, Conventional water treatment methods including:, Physical, Screening, Settlement, Chemical
  • Coagulation, Disinfection Water treatment works design, Maintenance of water quality in distribution ,wastewater collection Handling and disposal systems Basic wastewater treatment
  • Classification and types of wastewater, unit operations for wastewater treatment, Basic process flow sheeting, Preliminary and primary treatment operations
  • Secondary treatment including biological processes, Wastewater treatment plant design and process selection,Water and wastewater treatment,Laminar flow analysis




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