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Wave Propagation. Fundamentals of wave propagation; transverse waves on strings and membranes; compressional, torsional, and flexural waves in rods and plates; longitudinal, shear, and surface waves in elastic media; tube waves; and water waves.

Wave Propagation

Propagation or direction of a wave in different directions to provide a specified path is known as wave propagation.

Types of waves:

  • Ground waves: Ground waves are also known as electromagnetic0 waves those are refered to as refer to propagation of radio waves parallel to and adjacent to the surface of the Earth, following the twist of the Earth. They are mostly strong because they pass near to the ground of lower than 2 mega hrtz, thus increasing the wavelength.
  • Ionosphere waves: The ionosphere is a portion of upper areas of the world’s atmosphere largely as a result of being paid ultraviolet radioactivity from the sun, even though other sources, such as interplanetary rays, also underwrite.
  • Sky waves: The energy released by an probe, that is sky surge, would be unexploited liveliness as far as wireless communication is disturbed if it is continued on its track and did not return to world but under confident surroundings it is imitated from the ionosphere.

And many other types of waves which consider plazma frequency, critical frequency, maximum frequency, fading zone, radio horizon, space waves and super refraction and reflection of waves.

Wave Propagation

Wave propagation is the integral part of the physics that represents the way in which waves travel i.e. movement of waves. It supports different types of wave propagation like Ground Waves, Ionospheric Layer, Ionospheric Wave, Plasma Frequency, Critical Frequency, Maximum Usable Frequency, Broadcast Fading Zone, Space Waves and Troposphere Scatter Propagation etc.

Wave is a vibration in time and space that carries energy. Wave propagation refers to the physics term in which waves travel. Wave speed, intensity and wave velocity are the major concept of wave propagation. If waves move, then they should have a speed. Wave speed depends on the material through which the waves travel. Intensity refers to the energy flow through a particular area in a given time. Wave velocity refers to the signal velocity, phase velocity, group velocity and front velocity.

There are three types of wave propagation which are given as below:

  • Ground wave propagation – it is a method of radio frequency propagation for transmission which use the area between the ionosphere and the surface of the earth. It is used to provide local radio communications coverage.
  • Space wave propagation – Radio waves with high frequency is termed as space wave propagation. It is also known as tropospherical propagation because these waves can be travel from earth surface to troposphere.
  • Sky wave propagation – it refers to the radio wave propagation via ionosphere. Each reflection through the ionosphere is called hop. It can include the multiple hops between ionosphere and earth.

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Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Wave-guides and cavities, Radiation and antennas, Antenna parameters, dipoles and loop antennas,Waves in rotating media, Waves in random media
  • Antennas , Transmission line parameters related to antenna design and performance, Wave-guides and cavities, Antenna fundamentals, Types of antennas
  • Radiation mechanism, Plane and Solid angles, Near-field, Far-field regions, Polarization, Radiation Pattern, Performance Antenna Parameters , Dipole, Monopole antennas, Loop antennas, Traveling wave antennas, Long wire, V and Rhombic antennas
  • Broadband Antennas, Helical, Yagi-Uda, Log-periodic antennas, Aperture antennas-Horn and dish reflector antennas, Microstrip antennas, Rectangular
  • circular Microstrip patch antennas, Terrestrial Propagation , Basic propagation modes, free space, ground reflection and diffraction, Ground wave propagation
  • Sky wave propagation, Atmospheric effects on radio wave propagation, Space wave propagation, Propagation models in mobile radio systems, Statistical models
  • Antennas, wave propagation , Diffraction, wave propagation models , The mobile channel, fadingDigital modulation and coding , Diversity , Fundamentals of acousticstic wave propagation in continuum solids
  • Wave propagation in 1D and 2D periodic structures , Brillouin zones, dispersion curves, bandgaps , Wave localization, focusing, guiding, and frequency filtering , Elastic superlattices , Locally-resonant metamaterials , Zero and negative effective material properties, Transformation acoustics 
  • Numerical analysis methods, Weakly and strongly nonlinear periodic systems, One Dimensional Propagation, Long Waves in Shallow Seas, Green Theorem
  • Scattering and Radiation of Harmonic Waves, String in an Elastic Surrounding, Transient Dispersion, Weak Scattering, Linearized Equations, Localization by Disorder, Kelvin Ship Waves, Scattering of SH Waves, P and SV Waves, Elastic Wave 

Elastic wave equation, ray theory, kinematic and dynamic ray tracing, receiver functions, seismic tomography, basic reflection seismic acquisition and processing, Kirchhoff migration , downward continuation, plane wave decomposition, finite difference methods , Plane-Wave Propagation.

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  • Traveling wave antennas, Aperture and patch antennas, Linear and planar antenna arrays, Basic propagation modes,Sample wave problems and elementary: Taut string
  • elastic rod,Shallow-water waves, acoustic waves in a pipe,Traffic flow, blood flow in arteries,Exponential notation, frequency, wave number, phase velocity, etc
  • One-dimensional propagation: The wave equation: transient responses, characteristics; Dispersion: rod on elastic foundation, flexural waves in a beam
  • Group velocity: dispersion of transient waves, stationary phase;Group velocity and energy transport, Scattering of harmonic waves, radiation condition
  • Two-dimensional propagation: Plane waves, sound in homogeneous fluids,Nearly plane waves, geometrical acoustics,P, SV and SH waves in elastic solids,Rayleigh waves in half space
  • Love waves in a layered medium,Reflection and refraction from a plane interface, mode conversion,Scattering of elastic waves, diffraction, parabolic approximation
  • Free-surface and internal gravity waves in fluids: dispersion relation, group velocity, phase velocity,Waves in a current, ship waves,Transients due to impulsive forcing,Internal waves in a stratified fluid, anisotropic wave propagation
  • Wave guides: Waves in an elastic layer,Modes in a stratified fluid layer,Free and forced vibrations in discrete mechanical systems. ,Wave propagation in elastic media
  • ,Attenuation and dispersion of acoustic waves. ,Reflection and transmission at boundaries, scattering, diffraction. ,Surface waves, guided waves in plates and rods.
  • Acoustic radiators in fluids and solids. ,Generation and detection of ultrasonic waves; Elasticity, acoustics, Geophysics, hydrodynamics, Blood flow, nondestructive evaluation
  • Progressive waves, Velocity and dispersion, Energy density and transport, Reflection, refraction, Transmission of plane waves by an interface, Mode conversion in elastic waves
  • Rayleigh waves, Waves due to a moving load, Scattering by a two-dimensional obstacle, Reciprocity theorems, Parabolic approximation, Waves on the sea surface, Capillary-gravity waves, Wave resistance, Radiation of surface waves, Internal waves in stratified fluids,

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Lossless media, Wave Polarization, Lossy Media,, Current flow in a good conductor, Power Density


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